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InFightStyle Muay Thai Boxing Long Focus Mitt - Black/Blue

InFightStyle Muay Thai Boxing Long Focus Mitt - Black/Blue

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Features Include:

- full grain leather 

- curved striking surface

- hooded fingers to protect from injury 

- multi layered dense foam to effectively and safely absorb strikes, dense enough for top fighters and soft enough for the everyday Nakmuay.

⁃ additional forearm padding to reduce impact stress.

⁃ made in Thailand 

Working boxing with focus mitts sharpens your hand speed, increases punching power and helps attain pin point accuracy.

Working with punch mitts is a must if you want to improve your technique.

You work with a partner who tells you which punch to throw while moving around (your punch combinations become less mechanical than when using a heavy bag).

The goal is to learn various combinations and improve your precision and speed when working on your sparring technique.

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